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gnuplot demo script: linkedaxes.dem

autogenerated by on Tue Jun 6 18:12:59 2017
gnuplot version gnuplot 5.2 patchlevel rc2
# Demo for non-linear linked axes. 
# In this example x2 is proportional to 1/x.
# X axis is X-ray energy in eV; x2 axis is wavelength in Angstroms.
# The scattering data are pulled from the web using the GET
# command, which is provided by the perl-libwww module.
# You could replace it with wget or some other download tool, or you
# could manually download the data first and then plot from the local copy.
# For more information on the plot itself see
# Ethan A Merritt - August 2012
set encoding utf8
set key outside Left
set bmargin 5
set tmargin 6
set style data lines
set tics in
set ticslevel 0.5
set xlabel  "X-ray energy in eV"
set format y  '%5.1fe'
set title " Anomalous scattering factors "
set xrange  [9000:14400]
set offset 0,0,1.0,0
set xtics nomirror
set link x via 12398./x inverse 12398./x

set x2label  "X-ray wavelength in Å"
set x2tics 0.1  format "%.1f Å" nomirror

Brdata = "< GET"
Tadata = "< GET"

plot Brdata volatile using 1:3 title 'Br f"'  lt 1 lw 3, \
'' volatile using 1:2 title "Br f'"  lt 1 lw 1, \
Tadata volatile using 1:3 title 'Ta f"' lt 2 lw 3, \
'' volatile using 1:2 title "Ta f'"  lt 2 lw 1

Click here for minimal script to generate this plot